Which alcohol from the following Cannot give iodoform with iodine?

Which one of the following compound will not give iodoform by the reaction with iodine and NaOH?

bunch. Given beneath are a couple of model responses for positive iodoform tests. Therefore, the correct option is (C) diethyl ketone.

Which of the following will not yield iodoform?

Therefore, acetic acid does not give iodoform test. attached to the carbon, Acetophenone gives the iodoform test. group in which electrons are delocalised, hence, it also does not give the iodoform test. So, the correct answer is “Option A and D”.

Which substance on heating with NaOH and I gives iodoform?

When iodine and sodium hydroxide are used as the reagents a positive reaction gives iodoform, which is a solid at room temperature and tends to precipitate out of solution causing a distinctive cloudiness.

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Which compounds does not give iodoform test?

Hence, Propan-1-ol is the compound that does NOT give iodoform test.

Which of the following molecule does not give iodine test?

Explanation: only starch gives iodine test and not carbohydrates.

Which of the following alcohols will not give iodoform test?

Benzyl alcohol does not have the CH3CO- group or CH3CH2O- so it will not give the positive iodoform test.

Does methyl alcohol give iodoform test?

As we know that the methanol and carbinol are primary alcohols, it is confirmed that option A and option D will not give the Iodoform test because primary alcohol will never contain methyl group at the alpha position.

Which type of alcohol gives iodoform test?

Ethanol is the only primary alcohol to give the triiodomethane (iodoform) reaction.

Which one of the following gives iodoform reaction?


Which of the following does not give iodoform test ch3ch2oh?

Tertiary alcohols cannot give a positive iodoform test as they cannot be oxidized.

Which of the following compounds will give a yellow precipitate with iodine and alkali?

Acetophenone (methylketone) gives a yellow precipitate with iodine and alkali.

Which of the following gives iodoform on heating with a solution of i2 containing na2co3?

Answer: when ethyl alcohol is heated with sodium carbonate and iodine gives yellow coloured crystalline solid iodoform and this procedure is known as iodoform test.

Does isopropyl alcohol give iodoform test?

Yes, isopropyl alcohol gives a positive iodoform test.

Which of the following will not give iodoform test a Ethanal B ethanol C 2 propanone D 3 pentanone?

Thus, out of the given organic compounds, 3-pentanone does not undergo the iodoform test. Hence, (D) is the correct option.

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