Do people drink alcohol in Thailand?

Drinking is a way to stay hydrated during the day, but it can also be a way to socialize with locals. Thai people have a strong drinking culture and, when visiting Thailand, you will get to taste their many specialties. Inexpensive Thai beers like Chang or Leo can be found everywhere and are an ideal fresh break.

Do Thai people drink a lot of alcohol?

Thai people are pretty familiar with alcohol in its various forms- with locally brewed beer being one of the most popular types of alcohol consumed. Singha is the most popular of these local brands, with Chang close behind. … For example, particular types of alcohol are associated with some traditional Thai festivals.

Can you drink alcohol in Thailand?

The legal drinking age and alcohol laws in Thailand

Drinking alcohol is illegal in the following locations in Thailand: Temples or places of worship.

How many people drink alcohol in Thailand?

Results: Of Thais aged 12–65 years, 63% were abstainers (men—40.9% and women—81.5%). The prevalence of current drinkers (defined as individuals who drank at least 10 g of alcohol in 12 months before the survey) was 28.6% (men—48.4% and women—12.7%).

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Can you drink on the street in Thailand?

A common question or set of questions asked recently is can people drink on the street, can you drink in public in Thailand. … Street Drinking: It is not illegal to drink in many places on the street, although some places it is restricted (you’ll see signs – such as parks mentioned).

Do people in Thailand drink sake?

Now, to learn more about Thailand we found out their most popular drink is an easy-to-drink rice wine known as Sato or, as some would call it, Thai Sake.

Can you drink alcohol in Thailand hotels?

Now however it says the Phuket governors order prevents them from serving any alcohol at a bar or even the hotel restaurant. You can order it to your room or of course get it from the mini bar if the room has one (Thailand hotels often have rather large liquor bottles for in room consumption).

How do they drink beer in Thailand?

Drinking beer with ice is a normal thing to do. Normally, whisky and vodka are mixed with soda. People usually drink in bars, restaurants and night clubs. Rice whisky is very popular all over Thailand and some people make their own whisky with rice illegally.

Do they have wine in Thailand?


Imported beer, wine and whiskey are available but expensive. Thais sometimes put ice in their beer. Wine is become more popular in Thailand, which now has its own vineyards and wineries.

What’s the legal age in Thailand?

In Thailand the official legal age of consent is 15 years old. But is it really? Sex with a person of 14 years or younger is very clear in Thai law and can lead to prosecution for statutory rape.

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What days can you not drink in Thailand?

Awk Phansa happens in October and the Thai government often designates this day as a no alcohol day.

  • Makha Bucha (February/March)
  • Visakha Bucha (May/June)
  • Asahna Bucha (July/early August)
  • Wan Khao Phansa (July/early August)

What is the legal age to drink in Thailand?

The legal drinking age is 20 and the sale of alcohol is prohibited in certain areas like schools and parks. Thailand already limits the hours that stores can sell alcohol.

What alcohol is Thailand known for?

Mekhong (แม่โขง) is Thailand’s first domestically produced branded golden spirit. It is also known as “The Spirit of Thailand”.

What unusual way do Thai people drink beverages?

A straw. Q. What unusual way do Thai people drink beverages? They put the drink in a glass, but don’t use straws.