Best answer: Is cetearyl alcohol all natural?

Cetearyl alcohol is a flaky, waxy, white solid that is a combination of cetyl and stearyl alcohols, which occur naturally in plants and animals. Cetyl and stearyl alcohols are often derived from coconut, palm, corn, or soy vegetable oil, typically from coconut palm trees, palm trees, corn plants, or soy plants.

Is cetearyl alcohol a bad ingredient?

The bottom line

Not only is it considered safe and nontoxic for use on the skin and hair, but it’s also not drying or irritating like other types of alcohol. Due to its chemical structure, cetearyl alcohol is even permitted by the FDA as an ingredient in products labeled “alcohol-free.”

Is cetyl alcohol plant based?

What Is Cetyl alcohol? Cetyl alcohol is a flaky, waxy, white solid often derived from coconut, palm, or vegetable oil. These oils typically come from coconut palm trees, palm trees, corn plants, sugar beets, or soy plants.

Is cetyl alcohol eco friendly?

Cetearyl alcohol serves as providing consistency to cosmetic products. It is a mixture of fatty alcohols that is easily biodegradable.

What is the difference between cetearyl alcohol and cetyl alcohol?

Cetearyl alcohol is a mixture of fatty alcohols containing cetyl (carbon-16) compounds and stearyl alcohols (carbon-18) compounds. The key difference between cetyl alcohol and cetearyl alcohol is that cetyl alcohol is a single chemical compound, whereas cetearyl alcohol is a mixture of chemical compounds.

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Is cetearyl alcohol real alcohol?

Cetearyl alcohol is one of those alcohols. So, about that “alcohol-free” label. According to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), “alcohol-free” refers to the lack of ethyl alcohol—not alcohol in general.

Is cetearyl alcohol harmful for skin?

Is cetearyl alcohol safe? Cetearyl alcohol is completely safe for use in skin care! Unlike denatured alcohol or ethanol, which can dry out your skin, cetearyl alcohol actually acts as an emollient to soften skin and is safe to use.

Is cetearyl alcohol vegan?

“Some of them, such as cetyl alcohol, might be vegan on a rare occasion but most of the time it’s an ingredient that comes from sperm whales. Cetearyl alcohol, on the other hand, is vegan – it’s easy to confuse the two.

Is cetyl alcohol Organic?

cetyl alcohol, also called 1-hexadecanol, [CH3(CH2)15OH], a solid organic compound that was one of the first alcohols to be isolated from fats. Cetyl alcohol was discovered in 1817 by the French chemist Michel Chevreul.

Is cetearyl alcohol antibacterial?

Cetyl alcohol exhibits skin protect properties against skin irritations caused by bites, rashes and stings. … This proposed mechanism of action is thought to be similar for other long-chain aliphatic alcohols with same antimicrobial activity, such as myristyl alcohol and behenyl alcohol 1.

Is cetearyl alcohol halal?

Cetearyl alcohol is similar to Cetyl alcohol. It can be manmade and is also found in plants such as palm oil and coconut. Cetearyl alcohol keeps the skin soft and is non-irritating to the skin. This alcohol is also halal and can be used in lotions, creams and makeup.

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What is the chemical formula of cetearyl alcohol?

Octyldodecyl Stearoyl Stearate is an ester that functions as a skin-conditioning agent and viscosity-increasing agent. It is reported to be used in 105 cosmetic products at concentrations from 2% to 15%.

Can cetearyl alcohol get you drunk?

Cetyl alcohol, along with Stearyl alcohol and Cetearyl alcohol, is known as a fatty alcohol. This is alcohol obtained from plants and animals. Unlike simple alcohols, fatty alcohol is good for your skin and is often used in moisturizer creams. And unlike simple alcohols, they cannot be drunk as liquids.

Does cetearyl alcohol cause acne?

There have also been some reports that these fatty alcohols like stearyl alcohol, cetearyl alcohol in skin care may clog pores, exacerbating acne breakouts. A 1989 report on the pore-clogging characteristics of several cosmetic ingredients showed this to be the case, at varying degrees.

Why is cetearyl alcohol in conditioner?

Cetearyl Alcohol is hydrating, moisturizing and smoothening. It helps to soften the hair and provide slip to help detangle hair better! This is why you will find this nice, hydrating fatty alcohol in our conditioners and hair care products.